Monday, April 29, 2013

weekend roundup

A couple weeks back, I passed through a neighboring street and caught sight of a new furnishing the family put in their front yard. Yes, that is a statue of a zebra. I could not stop laughing and wondering what the heck they were thinking and why in the world one would want a zebra in their front yard. To make great table talk? For people to slow down and do a double take? For an afternoon laugh? So, to capture the interesting piece I took a little detour from my morning jog and here it is - sorry for the poor quality in picture, but I had to zoom in since I didn't want to go in their yard, ha!

As for the rest of the weekend . . . it was so great to catch up with old friends and have a mini high school reunion. I can't believe it has been five years since I've seen some of these folks, and it was wonderful to catch up on their lives and celebrate Mary Katherine and Steven. And since I'm so awesome at taking pictures - not - here are the only ones I took out of the 40+ people that were there.

so sad this is so blurry - darn iPhone.
This is our typical pre photo-fix hair-how do I look? - picture

As for Sunday, it was a perfect way to start the rainy week by making french toast. Since it was rainy all day - yuck- I took advantage of catching up with a best friend and her family that included wine and movies. I forgot how much I love Dermot Mulroney, I mean The Wedding Date.

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