Monday, August 12, 2013

Wedding Weekend Roundup

This past weekend was a real good one. My sister is a married woman - weird to finally say that, ha! The past few days have been like a whirlwind - so many things to do, people to see - and it was a complete blast!
Just a warning beforehand, this post contains a lot of pictures.
We started out the wedding weekend with a bridal luncheon that was just as beautifully planned out as the hostess' {Jesse's cousin and aunt}. I'm talking every detail was perfect from the table setting to the bridal cake place cards to the homemade lunch and décor.
The rehearsal took place later that evening. It was nice to have both families gather around, speak a few words, and celebrate the soon-to-be bride and groom. Some of the bridesmaids stayed in a hotel room together with Jessica before the big day. Champagne toasts, karaoke, and lots of laughter was shared. Not to mention Jessica was showing us some of her signature dance moves she busted out for the wedding.
My brother is growing up too fast!
Saturday morning we had a little visitor {baby Hunter} who came to wish Jessica good luck while we were getting our hair curled and plastered with hair spray - no joke, my hair was so stiff I thought it would break off. A little rain for good luck showered the afternoon - luckily after most of the pictures had been taken, and then it was show time! So many loved ones came to watch the newly weds say their vows and after the couple said I do we ate and danced the night away!
It's her wedding day!
and this is how we really feel about each other, ha!

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