Wednesday, December 4, 2013

a list of things

Making : a mess and cleaning it up . . . for such a small apartment, my floor quickly becomes my closet.
Cooking : leftover turkey for days and days
Drinking : hot tea . . . and lots of it
Reading: THE BEST letters from home. thank you thank you thank you sweet friends for sending me love from Alabama!
Wanting: a big hug from this guy right now.
Looking: forward to going home in a couple weeks!
Playing: this album unashamedly and loudly (Michelle loves it, ha). And also Christmas music!
Wishing: for a fun, successful, beautiful, exciting 2014
Enjoying: a night of cleaning and quiet time for thoughts and reflection
Waiting: for Friday
Loving: thoughtful conversations, witty remarks, and a good laugh tonight
Hoping: that I'm doing alright in this whole grown up world
Needing: a haircut
Smelling: an apple cinnamon candle
Wearing: plaid pajamas and glasses
Following: God's blurry path right now, but I know it's going to lead me to something great
Noticing: all the pretty lights. Christmas time in the city is magical!
Knowing: how you make others feel about themselves is a very strong trait that goes a very long way.
Feeling: refreshed! 6am wake up calls aren't that bad.
Thinking: 6am . . . are you crazy?! Hit the snooze button a few times.
Bookmarking: this and these for Christmas gifts
Opening: snail mail

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