Tuesday, July 1, 2014

summer's in full bloom

Hi there July, where did you come from? This year has absolutely flown by & it needs to sloooow down! I can't seem to grasp anything, but lately life has been real good to me. Summer is meant for exploration, crisp drinks, & outdoors. I've managed to do all of these & plan to continue them until Labor Day rolls around. Summer's in full bloom & I've been getting inspiration from all sorts of sources . . .
only Olivia P. could make a sweater & shorts look chic in place of a wedding gown // fresh basil is meant for pesto // live fearlessly // stripes & blue, my summer go-to // I'd like to go on a road trip . . . in this car // a pot of coffee & a morning paper seem ideal // ombréd curls // scrumptious strawberry cake for a 4th of july dessert


  1. Love all of these pictures! & that quote is perfect. I hope you have a fun summer!!

  2. Amazing photo collage!
    Love the ombre curls!