Monday, June 30, 2014

midsummer night swing & a weekend at the beach

before the festivities began
The Lincoln Center puts on a dancing extravaganza called Midsummer Night Swing (26 years and counting to be exact!) for three and a half weeks. Each night has a designated theme (think Cuban, swing, jazz, blues, etc), a coordinating band, and dancers for tourists, locals, young, old, and everyone in between. Macy's is sponsoring this year and myself and co-workers have had the pleasure in volunteering a few nights. The first night I volunteered it was Cuban themed with dance instructors teaching salsa. The second time was last Friday and I was so looking forward to the band. The Hot Sardines - a New Orleans jazz band that was spectacular! It was full of energy, people filled the dance floor dressed the part, and the dancing was so so good! I mean I knew people of New York were talented, but whoa!

Lynn and I checking people in
This past weekend I took a train to Long Island and got to experience the Atlantic Ocean. It turned out to be a beautiful weekend and I am officially a baked lobster (fingers crossed it turns into a tan)! Reading by the waves, exploring by boat, eating fig bread and cheese, and relaxing summed up my summer weekend.

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