Monday, September 26, 2011

meet my roommate meredith.

1. What’s your middle name and how do you feel about it?
Caryn, love it! If I have a daughter, that’s what I’m naming her!
2. Talk about your piercings and/or tattoos.
I just got my ears pierced 3 years ago because I played soccer all my life and couldn’t wear earrings. No tattoos.
3. Your favorite television program?
The Nanny!!!!
4. Write about your closest friends.
Julie is crazy. Kari is in love with her kids at work, Sarah is a wiener. Kelsey is the girl next door. Butter is a hippie. Jordan is the girlfriend.
5. Tell us your 3 favorite books.
1) The Bible 2) The List {Marian Jordan} 3) When God Writes Your Love Story {Eric and Leslie Ludy}
6. Your favorite season and why?
Fall, football the weather is spectacular.
7. Thoughts on Harry Potter and Twilight?
Great movies, but haven’t read the books.
8. Top 3 favorite bands?
1) Needtobreathe 2) Hillsong/Hillsong United 3) Jimmy Needham
9. Siblings? What are they like?
Maura: best friends, mom of precious Freddie, and eco-friendly
Blake: big brother, protective, and a pilot on the weekends
10. Favorite junk food?
Moose Tracks Ice Cream
11. Favorite Disney princess?
12. Thoughts on Ugg boots?
So comfortable
13. Soda, Pop, or Coke?
14. What are your opinions on Lady Gaga?
Strongly dislike
15. What are your guilty pleasures?
I really love eating French fries, watching movies late at night
16. One place you’d like to visit.
17. Who was your first celebrity crush?
Aaron Carter . . . and now Channing Tatum
18. Pinterest, facebook, or twitter?
All three please!
19. Let’s talk organization . . . are you a post-it notes, planner, or go with the flow kind of gal?
Go with the flow
20. Concert or movie?
Concert, first one was Britney Spears in 5th grade, the last one was Steve Moakler 3 weeks ago and the next one, hopefully Needtobreathe!

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