Friday, June 8, 2012

DIY necklace

I love craft nights, especially ones shared with some great friends and funny conversation. A couple nights ago, we did just this. My two friends decided to paint canvas, but since I'm in a temporary room and because I'll be leaving for NYC in less than 4 months {!!!} I decided to make something I'd get more use out of . . . so a necklace would be it! I went to Michaels and literally spent almost an hour deciding on which beads I should get. I couldn't find beads that I absolutely loved so I just settled for some chunky red pendants. Then I needed a filler so I found some soft gold glass beads.
 The process was easy . . . I just strung hemp cording and beads in a pattern and made two of the same strings. In my case, I strung six pendants per string.
 Next, I connected the two strings with more beads, and voila! A cute new necklace to add to my collection. I guess I can add jewelry designer to my resume right?!

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