Monday, June 4, 2012

mr. & mrs. sandkuhl

One of my really good friends Casey got married on Saturday! She was the first one of our group of friends, so it was so exciting to see this next chapter of her life start!
Which by the way, here's their backstory in a short paragraph . . .
Casey went over to Spain on a summer mission trip 2 years ago. While there, a friend that she made named Toby from Germany had a friend come visit for 10 days, Simeon. During those 10 days, Simeon and Casey fell for each other. Over the next year they kept in contact via Skype, phone calls, and a few visits to each others countries. A year from the day they met, Simeon proposed in Spain. A year later, June 2, 2012 they married!
It has been an incredible journey for all of Casey's friends to watch and I can't wait to see how they're love and devotion to Christ molds their long future together. The wedding was held at her lake house on Lake Martin with beautiful details, delicious food, a killer band {wish I had dancing pictures, they would have been priceless!}, fireworks, sparklers, and tons of laughter! Here are a couple shots I got before the dancing shoes came on!

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