Friday, October 12, 2012

Avett Brothers

Lauren couldn't handle another blog post so I decided to take one for the team. My name is Sarah and I am Julies ex roommate along with Lauren. Lauren and I both had really hard weeks at both school and work so we decided to treat ourselves to the avett brothers concert at the tuscaloosa ampitheatre. I wasn't really a huge fan of the avett brothers until I heard them live and now I understand why Lauren was such a avid listener.
(and they aren't bad to look at either)
Here is the crew. Kam Lauren Me and Josiah. We really missed Julie though!
One of my favorite songs from tonight was laundry room. Heres a little listen but I will tell you nothing is better than the live version. 

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals opened for the band and I really enjoyed listening to them. That girl can sing her heart out. One minute she's head banging and the next she's singing a sweet tune. 
I kinda want to be her. 

Tomorrow is friday! Yay! Cheers to the freaking weekend!

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