Saturday, October 13, 2012

word from the city

I'm alive and enjoying the city! I've been here almost a week and still amazed that I'm actually here! I just wanted to check in before Monday and say a BIG thank you to Lauren and Sarah for doing a great job this past week! I better watch out, LB had some witty points. I've learned an incredible amount thus far . . .
1) New Yorkers are wimpy when it comes to the weather. It was literally 60 degrees yesterday and people were bundled up like they were in Antarctica. Really? I was working up a sweat in my sweater and boots walking to work.
2) In need for a cup of coffee? Not to worry, Starbucks is on every corner of Broadway and 7th.
3) All you do is eat and walk here. My daily schedule:
Walk to work.
Eat breakfast.
Eat Lunch.
Walk back home. 
Change clothes for dinner.
Walk to dinner.
Eat dinner.
Walk back home. 
It is refreshing. I walk away the calories I eat so that's a plus!

Well enjoy your weekend and here are some great links from around the web . . .

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