Monday, October 29, 2012

weekend roundup

fresh air, sunshine, and fall festivals
Saturday my roommate Kate and I went on a nice long stroll through Central Park. It has been on the bucket list of things to do and we definitely had to check this one off before the weather became too frigid. Good news . . . it did not disappoint! It was a beautiful fall day and the scenery was stunning!The leaves are changing and beginning to fall and tons of people were hanging around all over the park. I'm three weeks in and it was time to get some fresh air! We walked through the south side of the park and there was a neat fall festival going on. We saw cute kiddos {and their parents} dressed for halloween, a pumpkin patch, and tons of fun games!
After that, we took a walk through 5th Avenue . . .  definitely a mad house with tourists {I can't say anything really because a year ago my sister and I were doing the exact same thing, ha!} Just a block or two in we saw Gary Busey hanging over the Trump Towers building yelling hello to the tourists below.

Later in the day and Sunday we went grocery shopping stocking up for Storm Sandy. We have a large supply of water, milk, bread, peanut butter, noodles, and candles. The only thing we lack is a flashlight and batteries because everyone in NYC was out. Wish us luck riding out this storm!

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