Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the high waist

A refreshing take on the high waist with it looking flattering and trendy instead of your mom's jeans. 

The high waist look has been around ever since Katharine Hepburn, but in recent years it has exploded all over the runways and street style {particularly those thrifty shoppers that make them look ultra chic at a small price point}. I find this trend more my style while wearing skirts - it's the easiest and most flattering for my body, hello long legs! The only worry with this one, is to ensure the hem of the skirt doesn't hit too short. In all politeness, no one wants to see your rear. That's the same opinion for wearing shorts. As for the pants, well it's a bit more tricky. They can look unbelievably sleek or completely awful. The key is fit - tight around the waist and thighs with a flared leg. To prevent the "mom look", avoid pleats and make sure that they're tight enough around the waist without pinching in to the skin.

high waist shorts

high waist jeans


high waist skirt

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