Monday, September 23, 2013

weekend roundup + apple picking

The past few days have been sort of a whirlwind. I landed in Connecticut late Friday evening and haven't stopped - which there is nothing to complain about because I've had nothing but fun! There are so many pluses for living in the north east when the foliage starts to turn and the air gets a little brisk. For starters, wearing a light jacket/sweater in the middle of September is awesome! I am dead serious. Being from Alabama you're lucky if you get to wear one in December. 
My soon-to-be roommate, Michelle, has let me stay with her and her family until we find a place in the city {talk about a dreadful task!}. In the meantime we have taken full advantage of the beautiful weather. Saturday, Michelle took me on a tour of Stamford and of course we started the day with coffee and a bagel. Northerners are serious about their bagels. {Alabama, get with it. Open up a bagel shop!}
Sunday we started off getting omelets at Lakeside Diner and were accompanied by a crowd of geese. After a little debate of what to do next, Michelle's dad suggested we go apple picking at Lyman Orchards. Best. Decision. Ever! First off, you have to know that I have wanted to go apple picking for the past few fall seasons and for some unknown reason never got to go. But, we took the pretty hour drive north to Middlefield, Connecticut and picked us some apples . . . about 3 dozen apples and some Asian pears. We also picked up some fresh kettle corn that is life changing and the best cider donuts made on Earth. If you're ever around the area, you've got to go!


How ridiculously pretty is this view?!

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