Monday, August 22, 2011

day 2 part 1

Day two in the morning/afternoon was kind of like a "get to know the city". This first photo is of my sister Jessica walking through SoHo to get to Time Square. This trip is about 4 miles, which we did 4 times that day. Nothing like a little cardio!

On the way near Chelsea there is this beautiful fence of art done by children after 9/11. Each tile has some sort of patriotic phrase.

Madison Square Garden! Seeing a concert here is on my to do list for 2012!

Although Times Square was my least favorite {the crowds were just enormously big} it held the best pictures.

Jessica and I in the heart of Times Square!

Day 2 Part 2 will be tomorrow, which is filled with Central Park, Top of the Rock, NYC pizza, and a comedy show.

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