Thursday, March 14, 2013

Travel Guide | Hamburg, Germany

Is it just me, or can you spend forever walking around World Market? Every time I go in there I am amazed by all the merchandise. Last night I went in because they have an amazing selection of wine from all over the world {wonder why, ha!} and then just when I was about to walk to the cashier, I saw the amazing German treat my sweet friend Casey brought back to share during Christmas {side note: if you haven't been around for a while, y'all have got to meet my college friend Casey. She has a crazy tale of how she met her husband, and now lives so far from us - in Germany!} Anyway, back to this delicious treat I couldn't leave without . . .

Seriously, go get some. As I was shamelessly eating a couple {okay, four}, I thought about how fun a trip to Germany would be! I'm thinking Hamburg, Germany for many reasons.
1) Karl Lagerfeld and Jil Sander both lived here.
2) It has more canals than Venice.
3) The architecture is incredible!

okay, this piece of "art" slightly freaks me out. I mean, how can that guy relax and read a book when a lady is staring at him?!
And what to pack on this German escapade . . .
vacation wear

Side note on the watch. It's made by We Wood. Find out more about their incredible story!

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