Thursday, April 11, 2013

a proper gentleman

There is nothing more attractive than being around a gentleman. Luckily, I grew up in the south where chivalry is still alive. That means the guy opens the door, says please and thank you, and pays for the date. In today's society there is a lack when compared with the Gregory Peck or Eli Wallach generation, but considering how much times have changed, there are still a few good ones out there. Ladies, do you have a laundry list of likes or dislikes when it comes to guys? Don't argue, we all do. Just as guys do for ladies. Here are some of mine: has manners, loves Jesus, dresses well, charming, knowledgeable in sports, smart, witty, humorous, and the list continues. Now, I might as well scratch most of that, right?!

Now let's talk fashion and accessories, since that's what I'm good at. When I lived in New York, one thing I loved about the men was their confidence and how they dressed, a man in a dapper suit gets me every time. More importantly, was the transition they made . . . weekdays they're wearing a three-piece suit and on the weekends they're wearing V-necks and jeans. You get the best of both worlds.
Now a few mentionable's for you guys:
1. Wear a tie. It pulls the look together whether you're wearing dress slacks or denim.
 Either way, you'll smitten all the ladies with  keen confidence and a dashing smile.
2. Glasses are cute. Even James Dean thinks so.
3. Appreciate the good . . . cars, drink, and ladies.
4. Hygiene is important. Groomed men are the best looking.
Keep it clean and smelling fresh. Although a little scruff is okay, too.
5. I love a man who knows his whiskey and beer.
It's a refined take on adulthood, so please leave the Natty Lights and PBR's to college kids.
6. Plaid, need I say more? Here's a perfect weekend look . . .
7. Quality over quantity.
{That's how I like my men, friends, and clothes.}
8. A business man and an active environmentalist, now that's a good combination.

9. Sweaters are permitted. Mr. Rogers says so.
10. I'm a southern gal who can talk football. Loving sports is a must.
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