Thursday, May 9, 2013

summer bucket list

For the past couple of years - and for each season- I have compiled a list of what I would like to accomplish {examples here and here}. I want this summer to be reflective, life changing, fun, and most of all, adventurous!

1. Visit a local berry picking farm. Then make this.

2. Learn to play an instrument, again. An air guitar doesn't count.

3. Weekend trip with the girls is always a must, and preferably somewhere I have never been before.

4. Move somewhere new and exciting. My heart still belongs to this city.

5. Eat outside as much as possible.

6. Attend an outdoor concert. Would love to see this guy at Jones Beach.

7. Take more pictures. Maybe even put a few in cute frames.

8. Take a cooking class.

9. Make s'mores around a bonfire on the beach.

10. Make a weekend of visiting a local vineyard and brewery.

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