Friday, January 10, 2014

happy weekend

Happy weekend, friends! Any fun plans for the weekend? Some friends and I are having our first "family" dinner this Saturday and the theme is brinner . . . you know, breakfast for dinner! Does anyone else love that too?! I'm making scrumptious French toast. Besides that, I plan on taking advantage of our warm front {read: high of mid 40s and 50s!}. Have a great weekend and enjoy these fun posts . . .

A song for your weekend

A model that has an undoubtedly impressive side job

DIY watercolor mirrors

Weekend hair and makeup inspiration

Twenty five kids too trendy for their own good

I'd rather ditch the snow and lounge on one of these sandy beaches

Five skills everyone should have

An employment application that brought tears from laughing so hard

Twenty five coldest colleges {I would use the excuse it's too cold to walk to class way too often, ha}

Proof that Ina Garten and I would make great friends

Are you juicing wrong?

This nine year old girl can sing!

How to do boho curls

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