Friday, November 16, 2012

happy friday.

Happy Friday friends!
Thank goodness, this week was wonderful, but I am so glad to sleep in a little bit tomorrow morning! I think Kate and I stayed up too late watching videos of our recent new find {see songs of the weekend}. This past week was market again and we had appointments everyday with buyers from all our accounts. I learned an incredible amount of information watching and helping the account executives. Any plans for the weekend? I'm not to sure what we'll get in to, but can't wait to share next week! Enjoy these fun posts from around the web!
Songs of the weekend: 1 + 2
Last one, I promise . . . okay maybe not, but seriously, this is the best styled music video I have ever seen.
Devour these
Venice under water
New collection up on Karen Kane, check out Cosmopolitan! Here is my favorite piece.
Pretty manicure
Hellllooo Channing Tatum!
Never take two trips.
Can't wait to go home and whip up a few of these #confessionofapumpkinaddict
Last but not least, so happy I got to facetime with this goober {aka JT, my little brother who is a senior in high school, when did he get so old?!?!} He kept putting me on pause so I just kept making faces at him . . .
Prepare yourselves for a week of Thanksgiving starting Monday and have a great weekend!

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