Thursday, April 4, 2013

rome-ing the streets

When I visit a place, I like to fit in with the locals. Forget all the tourist attractions - okay, maybe not all of them - but I do love to try to fit in and experience the culture. Getting lost in Rome is on the bucket list. I think you learn a lot by being by yourself {and your travel companion} and exploring a foreign country while soaking it all in. That's when you find all the hidden gems and of course by asking the locals.
Rome Bucket List
going to a deli for fresh goods then eating it on the edge of the Trevi Fountain
walk the narrow streets of Centro Storico
drink wine & eat pizza el fresco
walk the streets late at night
{Side story: One of my favorite moments in New York was walking the streets around 3am. It is eerily quiet and practically no one on the side walks or taxis driving by. You actually get to see and hear the city without the buzz and commotion of ordinary city life.}
See the skyline at Gianicolo Hill
Visit the countryside in Tivoli
Go to the authentic Roman neighborhood, Trastevere


And what's being packed on this little adventure? Comfortable shoes for all that walking, light-weight and sparkly dresses, pretty pastels, and stripes of course.
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