Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Weekend

TGIF. I have been counting down until the last minute for the weekend to start. Have any fun plans? While I don't have anything specific, I do have a friend in town so I'm sure we'll find some trouble to get into. My only request is we stay inside since it is still freezing outside - seriously the wind cuts right to the core.
Can we talk about Ashley Olsen for just a bit? The Olsen twin is my weekend inspiration. She knows how to start it off right with a cocktail (a tasty mock-tail if that's what you fancy instead). Loose waves, smoky eyes, and a little black dress is the perfect outfit for when a girlfriend comes into town. Enjoy your weekend and take a peek at these links from around the web . . .

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Chicken + Waffle sliders - these would be yummy for the Super Bowl Sunday

A little reminder 

A pretty tea set to use when reading Tea and Crumpets with Julie Blake

Best coffee table books (I'd go for this one)

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