Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Friends That Travel | Maegan

My boyfriend and I will be off on an European adventure for 18 days starting today! With all of the essentials we can cram into a backpack, we will travel through Spain, Italy, and France! A few of the items that I have deemed essential for myself include: a great pair of running shoes, dark aviators, comfy flip flops, J Crew walking shorts, and light Victoria's Secret tees. These items make up a comfortable outfit perfect for days filled with walking and site seeing. They are also easy to pack in a small backpack and easy to wash quickly. With all of the walking we are planning to do, it's important for us to have a good pair of shoes to do that in, but also a pair of flip flops or sandals to give our feet a break! The Victoria's Secret tees are light breezy, and so comfortable! They are also super easy to dress up with the right accessories, making them perfect for both casual site seeing or a sit down dinner. J Crew has awesome walking shorts! I have 3 of the same pair in different colors because I like them so much. They are easy to pack, easy to dress up and down, and have big pockets! Sunglasses are an essential. Who would want the sun to hinder you from seeing sites like the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum? I love aviators and particularly dark ones. Of course, this won't be all that I pack or deem essential but I could safely label these items as my top 5!
Happy travels!
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