Monday, October 1, 2012

girl on fire

Is anyone else glad to see September end? Holy cow, that was a rough month. This last weekend got a little better with a surprise going away party {thanks to all my sweet friends who came! and of course I totally forgot to take any pictures}, Saturday spent watching the football game with friends, and Sunday . . . I spent the last day of September in the UA health center with Sarah because a TV landed on her fingers {long story to that accident}. With swollen, bruised fingers and a three hour wait to see the doctor, no fingers were broken and the evening continued with a movie and pumpkin spice lattes!
The weekend in pictures . . .
hahah going to miss this girl
chauffeur {pre-finger incident}

just a little swollen, huh?
I'm praying October is the complete opposite.
The last couple of days I have been listening to a lot of music. I mean a lot. New Avett, new Mumford, and new Alicia. I have been listening non-stop to these artists. I've been in a weird funk for a while now and these artists lyrics have truly spoken to me, as odd as that sounds. Do y'all ever listen to a song and think that it speaks accordingly to your life? Well, this one is my motto for this month.

lyrics here

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